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        We're the Vancouver School Board's online school.

        Since 1990, we've provided a comprehensive, flexible and engaging edution program that provides an alternative to traditional in-person learning for many different profiles of students.

        Important Updates:
        Posted on06.05.2020

        If you are a VSB student you have two choices for course this summer. If you are an adult or an out of
        District student then VLN is your option.

        For VLN you have control over your pace and may start a course at any time and complete the course at any time.
        Important Information about VLN
        ??? ?Offered online
        ??? ?Offers a wide variety of BC Ministry approved courses grades 10 – 12
        ??? ?Offers self-paced learning
        ??? ?Is available to all BC students
        ??? ?Begins online continuous registration from May 4, 2020 onwards. You n start now and still finish in the summer.

        VSB Summer School 2020

        In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 Summer School will be offered in a new format.
        Important Information for the 2020 Summer School Program:
        ??? ?Offers some grade 10-12 ademic completion courses online only
        ??? ?6 weeks in length, July 2, 2020 – August 5, 2020
        ??? ?Available only to students currently enrolled in the VSB
        ??? ?Online registration opens on May 11, 2020 and will be on a first come first served basis and closes on June 12, 2020
        ??? ?There will be no in person registration for Summer School 2020
        For more information about Summer School, please go to https://summer.vsb.bc.ca/

        Posted on18.03.2020
        Coronavirus Alert
        • The VLN physil office is closed to the public at the present time.
        • If you are a student, you still have access to your courses.
        • Exams at our VLN physil lotion are suspended at the present time.
        • We know some of you are worried about exams and finishing courses. We are exploring options, and we will announce details as soon as we n. We hope to have more information after Spring Break.
        • The Vancouver School District has information here.
        • Please email any queries you have.

        School Resumption Notice

        If you are presently in a course at another school, you are not permitted to take the same course at VLN. Your school will be providing continuity of learning to allow you to finish that course.


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        Did you know?

        We offer over 90 VSB classes online

        All courses are Dogwood Accredited by the BC Ministry of Edution.

        VSB Certified Teachers

        All of our teachers are certified employees of the Vancouver School Board.

        Free for BC Students

        All of our courses are free for school-aged residents of British Columbia.